Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Honey and Cinnamon Cures A Lot

This is a 3-part post. I post this first part here but the second and third part will come in 2-day interval each. I actually prepared both of them already but I simply schedule them to appear a bit later to give a good pacing to these posts.

These claims are not supported with scientific bases here, it is up to you to decide for their factuality and at the same time, be careful always when something is to be done regarding your health. Use the scroll bar to see the whole messgae...

This was forwarded to me telling a lot of medical and health ebnefits given by honey and cinnamon mix. I share it with you here instead of spamming the inbox of people around by forwarding this message.

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Suburban Survivalist said...

I have been told my many that cinnamon is good for high blood pressure, and that it is best to take in the morning: Add it to the oatmeal or toast or any way you can. I've heard from several people that used it personally and said it did help -- not a cure, but helped.