Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pasticcio di Carne, a Delicious Italian Delight

dough making for pasta or pasticcio di carne
Now that I am back in Netherlands I miss the great food in Italy. Yes, the last time I was there was during my 2-week Christmas holiday and of course the food trip was at the maximum level. One of them that I cannot really forget and I want to learn to do alone is the "Pasticcio di Carne". It was really yummy and I also like the way it was presented and the way it was prepared. I want to do my own pasticcio di carne soon, but naturally, the preparation takes alot of time, especially that I don't even know yet how to make a dough!

delicious italian recipepasticcio di carne

The prepation consists of the following:

1. Preparing/cutting the desired meat (beef)cuts/slices

2. Peeling and slicing the potatoes

3. Preparing the spices: garlic, onion, celery, etc.

4. Preparing the dough (a real challenge for me)

5. Mixing ready ingredients in numbers 1,2 & 3 above (before starting number 4 is better): meat cuts, potato cuts, spices

6. Add salt or seasoning and of course, olive oil to the mix and letting them aside until the dough is ready

delicious italian recipepasticcio di carne

delicious italian recipepasticcio di carne