Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transferring My Blogs!

Yes, I am transferring my blogs and the contents be trnsferred one by one. Your Links here will Stay though and this blog will still be visited by me and I will still reply to all your tags in the tagboard though this will be my last post here.

You have reached the Homepage of this site. What you see here are summaries of various classified postings and information.

I suggest that if you want to know and read some Philippine Commentaries, simply visit the Opinionated Philippines tab or the navigation links at the left.

However, if you want to see reviews on places, travel stuffs and all about discovering new places, you can see them all at When I Wander tab or page.

Fitness n Health talks and writes about health, food, life and wellness. If you want to stay healthy and sexy, simply be in this page.

Photos have their special section as well. They can be viewed at Worthy Photos page. You can copy the photos for your own benefit, all i ask is that you inform the owner by posting a comment AND acknowledging the source by posting it together with the photos.

Linkies Galore are for those friendly individuals around who wants to link with my blogs. You are all welcome. Somply link the address as ABC Bloglearner. Inform the blogger here by posting a comment or leaving a note at the Tagging Area Here.

You want to leave a quick note to me? Do not worry! It is Here at the Tag Me Here tab.

Have a passion on blogging? Bloglearner is the page for you. Simply click this here. or at the tabs at the top and or the navigation links at the left.

Summaries of the latest postings are also posted here at the Homepage .