Thursday, April 9, 2009

Be Aware What Soft Drinks Can Cause YOU

Water may not be the tastiest of all drinks but I have to tell you that it is much better than any soft drink. Why? Just continue reading. -- The phosphoric acid Soft drink's competes with the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and affects its functions. When the stomach becomes ineffective, food remains undigested causing indigestion, gassiness or bloating. Moreover, kidneys are less able to excrete phosphoric acid when it is in excess giving them extra work to do.

Soft drinks remove Calcium from the body, causing an excess amount of Calcium that tends to be deposited in the kidney, resulting in kidney stones. Drinking too much soda (approximately five cans a day according to a USDA research study) has been shown to upset the body's calcium/phosphorus ratio. Under these circumstances, the body attempts to maintain balance by drawing calcium from bone. Over time, bones can become fragile and more susceptible to fractures.

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When one's blod is acidic, it affects the action of glutathione which is an antioxidant enzyme. Phosphoric acid, present in carbonated drinks de-oxidizes blood. In detergent manufacturing industries, phosphoric acid is used to produce water softener. Water softener removes Ca²+ and Mg²+ ion from hard water. In human body, the function remains the same by removing Ca²+ from bones causing osteoporosis. Furthermore, one study from the National Library of Medicine found that the consumption of soft drinks with phosphoric acid should be considered as an independent risk factor for hypocalcemia in postmenopausal women.

Think twice when you pkan to have a soft drink or any carbonated beverage for that matter.


ginabeloved said...

Gosh! i wonder why the government has no power to regulate softdrinks manufacturers.
i have been addicted to COke since childhood and im just experiencing its side effects- Urinary Tract Infection- im just battling it up with water. Thank God, I conquered it. but the temptation of softdrinks sometimes is sooo strong that i can't resist it.

Do you have post about coffee?
coz actually i am a coffee addict also. i drink almost 5 cups a day.
is that gross?

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi Giorgi! Since you have specifically mentioned it, this will be the nest post in this page. Right now, however, I have no posting on caffeine yet.

I have few posts here compared to my first blog. Trying to update all at ones. Thanks for all your visits and comment.

Take care.

Anino said...

Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa.Sana ay masimulan mo sa unang kabanata.Maiikli lang naman ang bawat kabanata.

Gaano ba kadilim? Matindi ba ito na humahadlang na sa pagbabasa?

Sana makaboto ka.Pumunta ka lang sa aking blogsite upang makita ang sampung nominado.Lagyan nng tsek (check) ang maliit na parisukat katapat ng aking blog:MADILIMNAKASAYSAYAN

Sana makaboto ka araw-araw o sa tuwing ikaw ay gagamit ng internet.

Anino said...

Dati na din akong naging adik sa Pop!Hehehe.Nabalitaan mo ba ang demandang inihain ng isang paaralan sa India na humihiling sa korte na ibunyag ang resipe (recipe) ng Coke?

Sa ngayon,luntiang tsaa (green tea) na ang pinagdidiskitahan ko.Mga walong tasang tsaa araw-araw.