Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Up from the Grave

As you may have all known or have read, this blog is supposed to be abandoned. But since Google has become generous to it, I am reviving it, will update it with useful posts as usual and will be glad to nurture and maintain it.

Thus, here I am again, happy to update this food, yummy health blog that I created around one year ago. Welcome yourfood blogger back!

In fact, it is quite ironic as I am a bit down with my health at this very moment. This blog would inspire me. I have been missing my karate lessons for two weeks and that is a sad story. I am in coughing fit now so I think my very first come back post would be about taking care of the health in times of weather change!

1 comment:

Reviewer said...

YES! I'm so glad! I've been looking through older posts and found MOUNTAINS of great advice, and couldn't believe that you ended the blog! Thank god for Google, eh?