Sunday, October 17, 2010

Braised-Grilled Beef for Dinner, Such a Delicious Delight

Food can be prepared in simple ways yet the dish can be amazingly yummy! What we need when preparing them or in cooking is only a bit of spices and patience.:) Yes, I just have that experience with this braised-grilled dinner. It's a simple combination of beef slices and potatoes but they are a great mix. The preparation was not that complicated. After all, the beef are already sliced when purchased while the potatoes, I had to peel of course.

The beef, while seasoning (salt,pepper,etcetera), I also made pocket-like slices and inserted some minced coriander into it. It's to enhance/regulate the smell. I use coriander for this purpose, especially with grilled or fried chicken (mostly drumsticks).

grilled beef and potatoes
What I did with the beef, to make it more tasty, is to braise it first. Adding a bit of water if needed to reach the desired level of tenderness. While doing it, I make sure that it does not lose its taste, adjusting the salt and spice level as, corbieres

Once tender and all liquid are gone (or semi-dry of its own juices and/or water), I added olive oil in it. It will make it into abit of fry, then I transferred it to the grill for the final touch.

The potatoes are semi-boiled and similarly, spiced,seasoned and with olive oil. I put them together andput them in grill. The final result is a juicy, delicious, tender beef mixed with equally tasty potatoes! Great dinner with a glass ofred wine! Buon appetito!

grilled-braised beefwith potatoe