Monday, May 10, 2010

Delicious Pasta Broccoli Alici (Anchovies)

What I like about this food? Obviously it's healthy as it is with fish and vegetable. It is also incredibly delicious. And this was only an accidental discovery. The dish is supposed to be of turnip tips with salted canned anchovies and pasta but we could not find this vegetable here in Netherlands so we had to think of a substitute. To make the story short, we thought of broccoli! And hooray! We never expected that it would come out this yummy. You want to learn the good stuff of broccoli.

Photobucketpasta with broccoliandanchovies

I used to like this dish more, pasta with ham and mushroom and cream, but now I prefer the one with broccoli.

The dish is very quick to prepare as well.

1. Boil broccoli (put minimal amount of water to not take the taste of broccoli). You may mix with salt to flavor or pepper or chili depending on your palate. In the meantime, boil your pasta of choice.

2. Drain the boiled broccoli. Place oil, then add garlic (optional) and onion in separate pan and then when ready, add conserved anchovies. After, mix the broccoli with it. Adjust seasoning to suit your palate and also the level of "crookedness".

pasta broccoli

3. When the pasta is at al dente, drain it and mix with the broccoli and anchovies. What you’ll get is a tasty mix of deliciousp asta.See images..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hertog Delicios Pistache Pracht (Pistachio with Chocolate)

pistachio with chocolate ice cream by hertog
Have you tried Hertog Pistache Pracht? Or maybe it is named something else in another place. Pistache Prach is a Dutch label andmaybe in Italy it is called Pistacchio con Cioccolato or Chocolate Pistachio in English. Those are maybes though. I amonly sure of one thing: it's been years that we buy this flavor of ice cream and with pistachio nuts mixed with chocolate, it is simply delicious. Try sometimes, it's really reccommendable.

pistachio with chocolate ice cream by hertog, called pistache pracht in netherlands
I just have a few cups of this flavor since yesterday so I became curious and tried to search about it. What I got? I got a bit of story (in Dutch) how the ice cream flavor came to existence but most importantly, I was able toview the nutritional fact of this ice cream without having to examine the cold box/container full of yummy ice cream.

pistachio with chocolate ice cream by hertog, called pistache pracht in netherlands