Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Morning with Fresh Milk and Strawberry Cake

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It's (morning) a fresh start for the day and must start right in order for the whole day to be right as well. For me, it's either starting the day with milk and a portion of a cake or with a fresh orange juice with some commercial sweet breakfast bars of whatever it is. Today it's the milk and strawberry cake pair. One cache: I boil my milk to feel hot against the cold weather and to ensure the safety and freshness.

Why? Sometimes, we forget to see when the milk is going to expire. The truth is, we are just negligent and lazy when it comes to our health. Thus, when we buy milk, as long as they are inside our fridge, we assume that they are safe. That is not always the case though. Boiling my milk makes me realize if it goes bubbling foam or it curdles or something. I just know it when it is not good anymore when I am boiling it. Take it from a milk drinker: I cannot handle coffee, that's why! :)