Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stay Fit Instead of Relying to Diet Programs of Have the Yoyo Effect in Your Body All the Time

Exercising of getting fit is a commitment. And prevention is always better than getting a cure, which means, staying in shape is always better than getting overweight or underweight and later on work it out back to your/one's normal or fit body level. I learned these facts while I was working with my previous organization (or employer) and we were given the chance to join various activities organized by colleagues for either a very discounted fee or for free.

The company/organization actually supports its employees as well in this endeavor as it contains everything inside its compound to further these leisure needs for employeees: tennis court, multi purpose gymnasium that can be transformed into basketball court, inddor tennis court, football field, etc, etc,. There was also various rooms for exercises and other activities like yoga. The fitness room was with the latest equipments ever.

Enough of promoting what the Company has inside as the list is so long. When the fitness instructor, who is also the physical therapist of the organization discussed with us fitness program participants how do we go fit, we touched the topic of dieting. It seems that having a diet program when one is not in the correct shape is not very advisable. Why? It's the yo-yo effect that is very disturbing. Well, from personal opinion, I could sensne what a yoyo effect is.

What is the yoyo effect then. I know what is the yoyo and I presume it's one's weight that goes high and low or goes up and down just like a Yoyo. Consider someone who is fat and wishes to get in fitness level again: that person would exercise much, eat so less and then he or she would achive her goal of lesser weight and fitness level desired. However, since that person is kind of deprived with food and comfort level for a few weeks or days or months, he or she, right after getting fit, would eat much again and sleep much. These activities would make that person again gain weight and he or she would repeat the exercise and diet process again to lose weight.

Do you like that? Fat-thin-fat-thin-fat you? For me, that is not a good idea. Staying fit all through out is the answer. Moderation of food intake, moderation of exercise schedule and level always do great for me. How about you? Have you had a fitness yo-yo?

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