Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Real Deal With Caffeine

Honestly, i don't have any prob;em with this stuff called caffeine. This is because caffe has bad effects on me if I take it. In what way? I palpitate and sometimes shiver, especially if its a very good espresso. Honestly, where I stay at the moment has this perfect espresso as what we may call it. Italians love it and I am here in a purely Italian house and surroundings.

caffeine good and bad, caffeine and health, health effect caffeieneHowever, after my posting on softdrinks, one that commented about caffeine. Just like anything in this world, there is the two sides for everything. Caffeine may be good and asked by the body for others and may be bad for others lie mewhose body cannot take it. Some levels of being bad of this substance can be also in the long run. It's up to us to balance our health and cravings.

For you to decide if caffeine is bad or good or good for us but we have to keep in mind that we eat or takes for food makes us live and added energy for our systems in the body.

In one part, caffeine can be considered good for the following reasons:

1. This subtance increases alertness and short-term memory, and even alters your mood. The caffeine in a cup of coffee stimulates the central nervous system as it simultaneously lowers the blood sugar and increases the brain's demand for sugar giving the drinker a temporary lift. Thus, it is good for those who feel sleepy but need to be awake and if you are a little pissed off, just take a sip of coffee!

2. Research in the Journal of Sports Medicine showed how caffeine taken two hours before exercise enhanced the performance of athletes in marathon running so if you are an athlete and can tolerate a caffeine intake, it is not too bad for the purpose of your victory.

3. A study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Associated reported that men who consume caffeine a day had a 40% lower risk of developing gallstones than non caffeine consumers. I cannot explain how but maybe it dissolves the possible/potential stone-forming substances in the gall.

4. Studies indicate that people who drink coffee on a regular basis have up to 80% lower risks of developing Parkinson's disease, have up to 25% lower risk of colon cancer, and have up to 80% drop in the risk of liver cirrhosis.

5. Some researchers believe another compound called "trigonelline" - which gives coffee its bitter taste and its aroma - may be responsible for giving coffee both anti-adhesive and antibacterial properties which help prevent dental cavities from forming. But if it's a very good espresso like here in Italy, the foam stays at the teeth and colors it and you can imagine if you are a regular drinker: This means tootbrush every espresso drink!

your coffee's risk, risk of coffee, coffee and healthFor some reasons, caffeine may not be too good for humans for the reasons you read below:
1. Caffeine consumption may lead to insomnia. Now this is the opposite of the good reason number one above. This one you want to sleep but you cannot.

2. Drinking coffee with meals in known to inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium from food.

3.Caffeine also has a diuretic effect and just one cup before exercise will trigger unwanted fluid loss.

3. Within half an hour of drinking one or two cups, the flow of the blood to the brain is reduced by 10% to 20%. Combine that with the low blood sugar, in those who haven't eaten for a while, and you can start having pulpitations, feelings of anxiety or blurred vision. To be honest, these are the symptoms that I feel but even I took coffee just after meal.

4.Withdrawal symptoms can occur after regular consumption of just one-to-two cups a day. Caffeinism, as it is sometimes called, shows up as migraine headaches and sickness.

5. Drinking several cups of coffee a day increase one's susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists found a stong link between coffee and a biochemical marker for the disease and showed that people who drink four cups are twice as likely to test positive for arthritis.

6. In excessive amounts, meaning more than whatever an individual's body can tolerate, coffee can cause nervousness, jitters, and rapid heartbeat. So I guess what I can tolerate is just a little amount. But even the instant coffee, which has been diluted with water made me shiver and pulpitate. Maybe I just have strong caffeine intolerance.

healthy coffee, unhealthy coffeeNow that you have seen how caffeine can affect you, you may shift your habit. See the good that it can do to you and balance it with the potential bad effects. As we all know, moderation is a good thing for too much or too less of something is not also good. Moreover, you are the master of your body and for this you know what is best for you. The things above are simple information that may be valuable for your caffeine decision.

My readings and bases are found in this page.


Anino said...

They wanted the recipe,but i don't see it happening. The world's most popular beverage VS ordinary citizens of India.What do you reckon?

ginabeloved said...

thanks for posting this, i like it. actually i am a coffee adictus for it warms me- its sooo cold kaya in Baguio. i love the taste, prefer it than any beverages. we went one night in a Japanese bar here in Manila. i didnt ordered juice nor wine. I ORDERED COFFEE.
it relaxes my emotions, it settles my stomach from any other drastic reactions, most of all IT COMPLETES ME haha :)

I Love Philippines! said...

Hahaha! Gina dear it is a very good entry for a commercial. You may choose your brand now, Puro, Nes, San Mig... just add caffe in each word! I guess you have very high tolerance. As what I have posted, it's up to us. For your end, it's really helpful. Unlike me. Actually i am having a bad time with any stimulant, be it a coffe or any energy/stay up drink.

I Love Philippines! said...

I reckon that if the jury/judge find it good for the side of the people and if the people have really a "Perry Mason" lawyer it can happen. Mc Donalds have lost in the's just a matter of persistence and a strong fight.

Anino said...

Nasa Berdeng tsaa ang aking interes.May caffeine din at anti-oxidants.

Kasumi said...

I drink black coffee every day so I found the good and bad reasons very interesting reading.

It definitely is a good drink for helping you feel more alert especially on a lazy hot summers day in the office although I personally drink it iced on days like this.