Friday, December 18, 2009

Rome Restaurants Good and Bad Experiences

What's in Italy aside from it's surviving old edifices? Naturally, there's food! Going around makes one hungry. Finding a place to eat is also a challenge. Aside from the great experience I had with all the historic stuff in Rome, I share also my ups and downs when it comes to finding for food and eating in this busy touristic city. An obvious thing fortourists? Nothing is cheap around...not because they are really expensive but because you (tourist) don't know a dam* thing!

Dining around can be really tricky. There are stuff to be considered:
1. Location - restaurants fronting a very famous place is naturally more expensive
2. The quality - you want to trust the quality of food you eat (cleanliness, etc)
3. The ambiance/setup -sometimes you adore outdoors but not when it's raining and with a temperature near zero
4. The food - if you like Pizza or pasta or bread, etc.

Burger King Bad Experience
There are some stuff that tourists need to be careful of. insalata da romaThis, not only in normal restaurants but also in fastfood chains. I tried having food at the Burger King and I was really disappointed. I have never seen such a lousy/unpolite service of an American-based fast food. I thought one of the leading virtues of these chains is: "Customer Service". I was only asking if there is an option to enlarge the fries and the drinks of the menu we chose but I was sarcastically replied with "a menu is a menu!". Wouldn't simpler to say "no"? Aside from that, right after my order was assembled, I was told in a commanding voice "Vai"... and the crew was not even satisfied and told in English, "Go!". Sweet huh!

Great Food and Great Service Experience
On the second day, we were a bit settled so we were able to find a great place. It was with steam in the outdoors so we were able to permit a stay-out despite the cold. We had the spaghetti al pomodoro e balsamico and the vegetable salad with roasted chicken breat. It was a deliciouslow-cost dinner (images of food up).

Disappointing Unfinished Lunch
We had this very disappointing lunch in a restaurant not so far away from the Pantheon. We were tricked with the "Tourist Menu". Once you order this, they put a lot of time in between when serving the antipasto, primo, secondo, etc so that customers end up ordering extra. Not in our case though, we left before they could proceed and make damage control. We paid them the whole price and let the rest of the customers/diners know how lousy their service/trick is!

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