Friday, August 12, 2011

Enjoying Beauty of Nature Causes a Happy Heart and Healthier Living

When was the last time we were able to appreciate what's around us? We're always busy and have something "more important" in our minds, right? We all know this is not supposed to be the way but we are always constricted to just b like robots and follow our day-to-day routine. We don't always have the luxury of time. In the past few days, where I have time for myself, where the city is far away, where someone does the food and the apartment/hotel, and no schedule to follow but to be guided by the instant interest, I was able to see what's around me and enjoy a bit. For some of them, I was able to take some remembrance and they are below.

"People who are naturally happy appear to have a lower risk of developing heart disease or dying from heart attacks, according to a 10-year study from Canada." That's what I read from The solution? Don't worry so much, enjoy life and you'll live it longer..

Life cannot be perfect. And that's the beauty of it. We always want everything perfect and it's difficult to achieve and we get frustrated. Nature itself is not perfect, look at these photographs, they are not perfect but they don't stop being lovely, aren't thy?

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